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Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Performed on the Performing Arts Center Main Stage - October 27, 28, 29, 30. 
Directed by Tom Fulton  

Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd
Max Kogan as Sweeney Todd - with a cast of 38 and a backstage choral group of 50 and an orchestra of 10.  "Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd!"

Anthony "Johanna"

Patrick Mooney as Anthony singing "I'll Steal You Johanna"

Sweeney And Mrs LovettCity on Fire

Mrs. Lovett "a bit overdone"               Beggar Woman (Sara   
                                                         Bogomolny)  "City onf Fire"

Attend the tale AgainBack Row: Dan Hoy, Joey Zevnick, Patrick Plucinski, Youssef Hamid, Bradley, McKevley Askin, Gabby Martinez, Ben Claus
Front Row: Meg Cantley, Annie Schiferl, Emily Evans, Emily Morgan
"Sweeney was ..." 


Codie Higer and Max Kogan as Mrs. Lovette and Sweeney in "Friends"

Nothing's Going to Harm You
Codie Higer as Mrs. Lovett and Jordan Brown as Tobias singing "Nothing's Gonna Harm You"

The Beadle Is SeducedSweeney's Revenge

The Beedle (Jarahme Pollock), and Mrs.            Sweeney Gets His Revenge
Lovette (Codie Higer).  The Beedle                   Judge Turpin (Evan Spangenberg)
imagines a handsome face.
                             Sweeney (Max Kogan)

You Knew!
Sweeney:  You lied to me!
Mrs. Lovette: No, no no, I never lied....

Sweeney Realizes Sweeney's End
"Oh My God!"                                            Sweeney meets his end at the hands
Sweeney discovers the Beggar Woman      of Tobias
is his wife, Lucy.                                       (Jordan Brown, Max Kogan)
(Codie Higer, Max Kogan, Sara

The Sweeney Cast
The Finale.  The Cast.

The final moment

The Final Moment.  The Play is Done...


All the pictures on this page were taken by Kathy Sandham - A fine photographer.
The Academy thanks her for her work.


More Pictures of Sweeney
Taken by Kathy Hardesty



Assistant Director Mitchell Fields
Musical Director Marcia Snavely
Choreographer Abby Lausin
Scenic and Lighting Design
   Ben Needham
Costume Design Caitlin Sandham
Choir Director Youssef Hamid
Stage Manager - Colleen Williams
Fight Coordinator Dusten Welch
Assistant Stage Managers
    Ben Claus
    Gabby Martinez




Chagrin Falls Performing Arts Academy - 400 East Washington St.  - Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022   440-715-4004