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Students wishing to obtain entry into the Academy for the Performing Arts will be required to audition and interview.  The audition will consist of two contrasting monologues or one monologue and one song. Monologue and songs should be no more than ninety seconds each. Accompaniment will be provided; students must provide sheet music.  Students may audition for the Academy through July 3 each year for participation in the following fall season.  If you are interested in joining the training program here, please contact the Academy as soon as possible during your sophomore year. The Academy accepts students beginning in their Junior year.

The audition will take place at Mayfield High School on "Interview Day" in February of a student's sophomore year..  Students must submit:

    • a resume or short biography. This must be typed on a single sheet of paper and include your name, address, E-MAIL, cell phone number, home number and parent's home number and E-MAIL address.
    • A headshot or recent school picture, color or black and white.  Our preference is that you supply an 8x10 size photo.  (No snapshots please)
    • If you are singing for your audition, you MUST bring the sheet music. For the general auditions in February, a pianist will be available to play for you.
    • Tone letter of recommendation from a teacher (if you have no theatre experience) or from a theatre, dance, or music teacher. 

Students must be able to:

    • Read fluently. 
    • Have a GPA of 2.5 or above. (if a student is accepted with a GPA less than 2.5, it will be on a probationary status requiring that the student maintain a 2.5 within the Academy)
    • Come prepared with the audition requirements above
    • Be capable of responding to the director's suggestions with imagination and have some improvisational ability.

The academy seeks to qualify as many students as possible.  It is NOT necessary for a student to have theatre experience to audition for the program.  Nor is it necessary for a student to plan to go into the performing arts as a profession.  All that is needed is passion for the work, a teachable spirit, and the ability to maintain an average GPA.  Students from all walks of life are admitted and thrive in this program

While we may consider accepting a student with a GPA below 2.5, we must see evidence of a strong desire to learn.  The curriculum at the Academy is rigorous and students must be eager to work hard.  While at the Academy, students must maintain a 2.5 grade point average or above in their studies at the Academy, and continue to maintain a good school discipline and attendance record. Students must maintain a 2.5 grade point average to be allowed to continue in the Academy.

At the Academy, performances are optional.  However we do require Academy students to participate in at least ONE Academy production either on stage or in a back stage technical capacity. Students may choose to participate in one or all Academy Productions. ALL STUDENTS WHO OPT TO PARTICIPATE IN AN ACADEMY PRODUCTION MUST CLEAR THEIR AFTERNOON AND EVENING SCHEDULE TO BE AVAILABLE FOR AFTER-SCHOOL REHEARSALS. While a minimum of personal conflicts will be allowed, students who cannot attend the majority of rehearsals will not be allowed to audition. There will be no exceptions.

It is important to note that students who wish to participate in their home school's drama club productions are encouraged to do so. At the same time, students who choose to work in their own school's productions may not be eligible to audition for certain Academy shows because of the inevitable time conflicts.

If a student does audition for an Academy production, he or she must be able to put in volunteer hours associated with the program, attend evening rehearsals, attend other plays and theatre productions. Students must be able to provide their own transportation to after school rehearsals and evening events. Car pooling with nearby students will be available.

The Performing Arts Academy will be a fun, challenging learning environment. The students in the Academy will be given every opportunity to learn about their own creativity in a supportive, non judgmental environment. However, students must also bring their own best behavior to the classroom in order to participate.

Students will be assessed every quarter.

You must maintain your academic standing of 2.5 or better and you must meet the criteria set forth below in order to continue with the program.  See the Academy Handbook for complete information on the point system that establishes a student's quarterly, semester and final grade.

Students are graded by the teachers in the various disciplines they study. Grading consideration will consist of Participation, Growth, Attitude/Respect, Talent, Test Scores, Homework and Rehearsal/classroom Conduct.  By far the most important of these considerations is participation (which includes absences) and growth.

  • Participation/Attendance - At the end of two years, students will receive a certificate of completion - if and only if they have not been absent more than 18 days.  Students who have been absent more than 18 days (9 days per year), will receive a certificate of participation only.
    • Participation is a major part of each student's grade.  By missing class or missing rehearsals, students will find their grade point average is affected. 
    • Students will receive ten free 'planned absence days' during the school year - that is days where their absence is not counted against them as long as the proper forms are completed and the reason for the absence fits into the State of Ohio's guidelines.
    • Students auditioning for college will not have those days counted against them.  However the student is responsible for making up any work or test they miss because of a college visit.
    • Students whose absences become a habit where it begins to affect rehearsals or the classroom's progress, will risk being expelled from the Academy.
    • An absence that is called in by the student's parent will be considered excused, although it is still an absence.  Excused absences may be made up with extra credit work provided by each teacher.  An absent student will receive an unexcused absence, which cannot be made up, if no phone call or communication from the parent is not received. 
    • Students with perfect attendance will be given automatic extra credit.

  • Respect - Students are expected to respect the exercises, their homework assignments, the work in class, the rehearsal process, their teachers, their guest artists and their colleagues. 
    • Respect issues include:
      • Proper Rehearsal Dress (see rehearsal dress below)
      • The use of cell phones during class will be an automatic 0 for the day (it will be the same as an absence)  The cell phone will be confiscated.
      • The use of i-pods or other electronic devices will not be used in class unless specifically instructed by the teacher
      • Turning in homework that is not neat, legible and well presented will affect your grade.
      • Speaking during class, during lecture, during scene work will earn those involved demerits.
      • You will not criticize or make fun of one another's work. It is rude and hurtful. It simply will not be allowed. You will practice affirmative critique in all that you do.  Disrespect in this area will take points away from your participation grade.

    • If a student shows disrespect to any aspect of the work or any student in the Academy that student will risk dismissal.

    No violence, drugs, alcohol or foul language. No romantic or sexual behavior will be allowed in the classroom. All students must also adhere to all rules of behavior set forth by the Chagrin Falls School System.

    Because of the physical nature of our work, where your bodies are being stretched, and moved, where you must find yourself in imaginative physical situations, you must come to class and rehearsal dressed in such a way that preserves your modesty and does not create self consciousness.  Students coming in inappropriate attire will not be allowed to participate in the exercises and will lose 50% of their attendance points for that day. 

    Much of what goes for acceptable modern dress in the school room is not acceptable for rehearsal and class and the Academy.  Below is the dress code for all students.  Lockers will be provided so that you may change from your 'street' clothes to your rehearsal attire.

    • Each student must dress in attire that is in good taste and is not distracting or revealing.  Students must wear clothing that allows for free movement.  Generally, work out clothes, sweats, mid-thigh shorts, loose pants and
      t-shirts (not sleeveless) are acceptable. No tank tops. 

      No girl should wear a skirt to rehearsal unless is a designated rehearsal skirt, very loose and mid calf length.  Appropriate undergarments, such as dancer trunks or tights are also necessary should you wear a skirt.

      Tennis shoes are acceptable footwear for rehearsals, although we highly recommend investing in comfortable character shoes and a pair of black jazz shoes.  Proper footwear is important to movement and characterization.

      • Students may, at their discretion develop a rehearsal attire from the suggestions above, however the following is the highly recommended rehearsal wear.

      • Men:  Please wear loose, comfortable clothing (with no caps or hats) such as black loose pants, a white button down cotton shirt either long sleeved or short sleeved, which will allow for complete freedom of movement.  Character shoes of black jazz shoes with black socks.  NO BARE FEET. 

      • Women: No heels, mini-skirts, or clothes that restrict movement.  Pants must be waist high - not hip high.  No Jeans.  No Skin Tight Pants, unless you wear leotards. NO BARE FEET.




Jill Tighe in Class

Zoe Conley rehearsing the "witch" scene from Macbeth

Gabriella Mack and Kyle Marbury rehearsing Polonius and Ophelia from Hamlet

Ethan Rosenfeld in Voice Class

Jill Tighe and Nick Hyland rehearsing Cyrano

Alex Ward in Class

Julie Kolibab working out a scene in acting class

Chagrin Falls Performing Arts Academy - 400 East Washington St.  - Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022   440-715-4004