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Dear Parents,

In discussing the Academy with interested parents, I have been asked many times:  "Isn't this program just for experienced young actors who want to pursue a career in the theatre?"  My answer is, "No,  decidedly not."  While there are a few students who are completely set on their career path, most are not there yet.  Most have much searching and discovery to do before they are ready to pursue a career. 

The training at the Performing Arts Academy is about self discovery.  It is for every student who wishes to develop their creative skills and expressivity - not only young actors.  While many of our students will be trained and will indeed go on to be actors or directors or playwrights or singers, many others will go on to a wide range of other professions and extended studies.  But no matter which direction they go, each will carry with them the special and empowering knowledge of self that comes from the challenge of training in the theatre.

The Performing Arts Academy inspires character development and self discovery in people through the challenge of creativity.  The courage to create, the confidence to stand calmly before others in stressful situations, the facility to be expressive, the sense of play that makes one young at heart, the wisdom to see the big picture, the rare and essential skill to communicate clearly, the sensitivity to find meaning in relationships and the business of life - these are all real-world benefits of the training at the Academy.

Students learn how to relax, to concentrate, to strengthen their voices and bodies, to be expressive physically and emotionally, to improvise, to develop empathy for others, to become literate and aware of the world and aware of themselves.  These are important lessons for living, not just acting or creating on the stage. 

A performing arts academy has a unique place in society. It is the gathering place for young people who have the passion and desire to tell their own story through creativity and performance. As educators for such an institution, our job is to lead each student to the edge of their potential and the give them the courage to go beyond - to reach for their own creative spark.

The training your child will encounter at the Academy will challenge them to know themselves as creative and imaginative individuals.  The discoveries and proceedures essential to creativity on the stage, are equally vital to all human beings in their daily lives.  Our programming seeks to enrich and nurture, providing self-confidence and understanding.  At the Academy, we believe creativity in itself is an end. Because with it, the student develops an expansiveness of self and a thriving confidence that can affect and change the world.

I would be happy to discuss this further with any parent or student who may be interested in the opportunities provided by the Performing Arts Academy,

Warm Regards,

Tom Fulton
Chagrin Falls Performing Arts Academy

Performing Arts Academy at Chagrin Falls High School in Chagrin Falls, Ohio